Is it real or did I make it up?

Little girl in a big bed. She cries but no one answers. The room is empty. She is hungry but there is no one to bring her food. Time passes quietly. Loneliness covers her like layers of soft blankets. She is abandoned ,there is no one to wonder where she has gone. Except her mother, She knows.

The door will open and the police officer will cradle her in his arms , bring her to the police station and feed her peppermint patties.

Every time I see those peppermint patties this memory shakes me in a good way. I think it was then I knew survival was possible. If it wasn’t for the peppermint candies with their surprising bitterness , there would be no way to confirm, that I did not make this up. Of course there isn’t anyone to vouch for its validity.

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