One Day

Dear gentle people

On May 24, 2020 my 52-year-old son had a massive heart attack at home. We called 911 immediately, the police, fire department, paramedics and EMTs arrived in about 5 minutes. The team went to work. They did everything they could to revive him. After 45 minutes they could transport him to Bay State Hospital. They were determined to bring my son back to life. During this chaos they took the time to update us and make sure we were doing ok. They were compassionate and professional at all times. My son has returned home and we are so grateful.

So it is with amazement that the town of Easthampton does not want to sign their union contract, How many of you have been cared for in a time of need by the Easthampton Fire Department and First responders. You must know their service is invaluable.

I can only wonder what the holdup is. Is it about pay raises, benefit time, time off, Child care, disability pay, time and a half and whatever else their contract may hold. Isn’t the safety of our community worth whatever the cost?

My opinion is they should be entitled to the same pay as other highly paid professionals. How do we place a value on a person’s life and safety? How can we thank them for working during this pandemic? They show up because they care about this community. I don’t offer any facts or statistics in this matter. Just my personal experience.And every time I look at Jesse and his family I am forever in their debt.

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